Best 2023 Cyber Monday Discounts on Natural Products |

Best 2023 Cyber Monday Discounts on Natural Products

Cyber Monday is a day when many online companies offer their best sales of the year. I’ve found some great deals this year! I’m stocking up on pantry essentials, supplements, and some other gifts for everyone on my list.

In fact, my Christmas shopping is almost done… now I just have to pull the Advent wreath out of the attic and put on some Christmas music! These sales can help you get some shopping done early. And you can support some great small businesses at the same time. If you still need some gift ideas, check out my gift guide for himher, and the kids.

My Favorite Cyber Monday Deals on Natural Products

These are the products I’m stocking up on and ordering as gifts this year while they’re on sale…

Annmarie Gianni Skincare Set

As we enter the winter months, I’m sure your skin is beginning to remind you it needs a little more love than usual. Unfortunately, steamy showers, dry furnace heat, and windy days can wreak havoc on your skin this time of the year.

As a long-time customer of Annmarie Skin Care, I know their products are clean and MADE SAFE®-certified. They’re about as close to nature as you can get.

For Cyber Monday you can get their Clean Beauty Trial + Lip Balm for just $19.99 plus free shipping to the U.S. and Canada.

Get the DealShop the set here.


These days EMFs are everywhere. They’re in our homes, schools, stores, etc. Somavedic helps mitigate these unwanted influences of EMF radiation for better health.

We have a couple of these in our home. The semi-precious stones and metals inside the beautiful glass sphere help mitigate any EMFs. There are a few different sizes and options as well as a travel size version.

It’s an ideal choice for any room that needs to harmonize its space – we have ours in the space between our kitchen and family room.

Somavedic is increasing their prices on Dec 1st, so this is the last chance to purchase at current pricing with the discount.

Get the Deal: Through November 29th save 20% at this link with the code WellnessMama20. Plus get free shipping on orders of $500 or more.

Clearly Filtered Water Filter

Clearly Filtered

Since water is the main beverage I drink throughout the day, it’s important to me to have clean water. That means no high levels of chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, and so many other toxins.

In my fridge, I have a water filter from Clearly Filtered that my kids and I use all day long. Whoever finishes the pitcher knows to fill it right back up! I also love their water bottles with built-in water filters. They’re perfect for traveling with or running errands!

Get the Deal: Take 20% off all filtration systems and replacement filters with the discount code: CM20

Caraway Pans and Cookware

I have the full cookware set from Caraway as well as some of their bakeware. Their non-toxic pots and pans are made with earth-friendly ceramic and are free of harmful chemicals. I love that they have some really fun colors to match the kitchen.

Their stackable set includes a frying pan, saucepan, Dutch oven, and sauté pan, plus organization tools like a pan rack and a lid holder. It makes it so much easier than trying to stack up random cookware that doesn’t fit together! You can even find safe baking racks, teapots, kitchen towels, food storage containers, and more.  

Get the Deal: Until December 31 get up to 20% off here. $85 — 10% off, $425 –15% off, $525 — 20% off. Plus, get a free Tea Kettle and 20% off on orders of $975 or more!

Dry Farm Wines

Dry Farm Wines

A few years ago, I was ready to ditch wine for good because it was so hit-or-miss to find a good one. And I was tired of headaches and red teeth (from the dyes in wine). My research led me to Dry Farm Wines. This company carefully sources and tests wines from all over the world.

I had an opportunity to visit Italy with the Dry Farm Wines team and was blown away by what I saw. These wines are so far beyond organic or biodynamic. The growers carefully cultivate the soil microbiome around the grapes. And they don’t spray any pesticides or herbicides (even “organic” or “natural” ones).

Since they dry farm (don’t irrigate) the grapes also naturally have less sugar and more polyphenols. The result is an incredible natural wine that won’t give you a headache!

Get the Deal: For a limited time, purchase a one-time box at their member pricing. Choose 6 or 12 Red, 6 or 12 White, 6 or 12 Mixed.


If you’re searching for clean, all-natural personal care products, check out my new line! You’ll find toothpaste, oral care, hair care, deodorant, and more. I’ve spent over a decade perfecting the Wellnesse collection. These products have only safe, natural ingredients. And they work better than their conventional alternatives. I know because my family has been using (and loving) them for years, and I’m beyond excited to share them with all of you. Bonus: they make the perfect stocking stuffer!

Get the Deal: Check out Wellnesse and get 20% off of all regular orders and 25% off of all regular orders above $100.

Plant Therapy

Essential oils are one thing you’ll always find in my home. From using them in DIY skin care products and cleaners to making home remedies with them. I’ll often diffuse them in our home too, especially at night when the kids and I are sick. 

There are plenty of brands out there, but not all of them are selling quality essential oils. I love Plant Therapy because not only are they pure and sourced with care, but they’re affordable. Essential oil safety is also very important to me and Plant Therapy has a team of aromatherapists who have a strong commitment to developing safe products.

Get the Deal: Get 25% off sitewide

Air Doctor

Did you know indoor air can be hundreds of times more polluted than outdoor air? I’m so thankful I’ve found a solution that removes 99.97% of indoor allergens, neutralizes VOCs, pet dander, and much more. I have a few Air Doctor air filters in our house and have noticed a significant difference.

One filter is outside the kitchen area. If I’m doing some stovetop cooking and the kitchen begins to fill with scents, the air filter will automatically begin to filter at a higher speed. They’re offering amazing deals on their site today!

  • Buy AD1000 and receive $120 off
  • Buy AD2000 and receive $120 off
  • Buy AD3500 and receive $300 off
  • Buy AD5500 and receive $400 off

Get the Deal: Until December 1st save up to $400 on my favorite air filter here. Plus get free shipping on all orders.

Magnesium Lotion Shop

I’ve talked a lot about magnesium over the years and how most of us are deficient. One way to add magnesium to your daily routine is by using topical magnesium. Enter my favorite magnesium lotion. They have lotion tubes in both lavender and unscented versions and I use them both on myself and my kids.

It’s creamy and easily absorbs into my skin without any itching or tingling like some brands. I also like that it has a high concentration of magnesium without the parabens and other toxins you’ll often find in lotion.

Get the DealBuy any 2 lotions and get free shipping while supplies last. Subscriptions save an extra 20%.

Toups & Co

While I sometimes make my own make-up, there are many times when I just run out of time and I want to have a clean, non-toxic brand of make-up to turn to.

I often recommend Toups & Co to my friends because I trust their ingredients and they have so many options.

This brand also has deodorant, skincare, and a line of baby-safe products.

Get the DealTake 20% off sitewide until Tuesday.

Xtrema Cookware

One of my favorite non-toxic, non-stick cookware brands is having a sale! Their products are third-party tested and they share their test results. Xtrema is also easy to clean, dishwasher and oven-safe, and won’t scratch or flake. It’s also safe to use on high heat, cooks well on low heat, and can go in the fridge or freezer. You can read my full review here.

On Cyber Monday you can get 25% off of everything on their site plus an extra 15% off with code WELLNESS.

Get the Deal: On November 27th only you can shop the sale here. Use code WELLNESS for an extra 15% off of the other discounts!

My Green Mattress

Getting a natural mattress can be a significant investment and they don’t often go on sale. We ordered one from My Green Mattress when one of our littles moved up to a twin size bed and she loves it. We also have this mattress brand in our guest room and I’ve gotten positive feedback on it from guests.

 They’re also GOLS, GOTS, and GREENGUARD certified. Read my full review here. Right now at My Green Mattress, you can save $300 on a King, Save $225 on a Queen, Save $150 on a Twin & Full, plus save 15% on accessories.

Get the Deal from My Green Mattress: Through Tuesday save up to $300 along with 15% off accessories with the code HOLIDAYS here. *Kiwi Bunk Mattress is excluded.


I love getting herbal teas, adaptogens, and superfoods into my diet, but they’re not always convenient. I really like Organifi drink mixes because they’re a clean way to get more of the healthy stuff in an easy to drink powder.

My favorite is the Organifi Gold, a relaxing turmeric drink that features magnesium, lemon balm, and adaptogens. It’s a great way to unwind at night and relieve inflammation!

-Spend $100, get 20% off and free shipping

-Spend $150, get 20% off, free shipping and Digest, Turmeric Plus and Focus

Get the Deal: Get Organifi at a discount here.


You’ve probably heard me talk about the health benefits of sauna use before. They’re amazing for cardiovascular health, better skin, less anxiety, a better mood, and so much more. I use mine multiple times a week and it’s the place I go to for some quiet me time. I have several different saunas, but not everyone has the money or space for a full-size sauna.

The sauna blanket from HigherDose is an easy and portable way to get a sauna session in. I like them so much that I’ve even given them as gifts before. They also have infrared PEMF mats, red light face masks, and a full-spectrum infrared sauna. Plus they’re made without toxic materials and they’re low EMF.

Get the Deal: Until November 27th you can get 20% off sitewide (with the exception of subscriptions and full saunas) with code WM20

Everlywell Tests

Ever wanted to get some lab testing done but didn’t want to wait at the doctor’s office? There are now labs like Everlywell that allow you to order your own tests and have them shipped to your door. I used them when I was tracking my health stats during my weight loss journey and they’re a nice tool to have.

They offer quite a few different tests including a women’s hormone panel, and tests for food sensitivities, thyroid, metabolism, Lyme disease, and more. It’s super convenient and an easy way to see where your body is at for optimal health. Right now they’re offering up to 35% off with their Cyber Monday sale.

Get the Deal: Through November 28 you can get 30% off sitewide on orders under $199, and 35% off orders $199+ with code THANKFUL. Click here to shop the deal.


The Apollo wearable was developed by neuroscientists and physicians and uses soothing, gentle vibrations to help your body feel its best. Unlike fitness trackers, Apollo doesn’t measure your health metrics but helps positively influence them. This translates to less stress, better sleep, more energy, relaxation, and focus. 

You just wear it around your wrist or ankle and the soothing vibrations help your body relax and reduce stress to help your body go into a state where you have more control over how you want to feel. Higher vibrations help improve our energy and focus, while lower vibrations reduce stress and help you relax.

When I’m feeling really busy or stressed, I love how the Apollo wearable helps calm me down!

Get the Deal: Through November 27th save up to $70 off sitewide at checkout.

Branch Basics

I never thought I’d say goodbye to my DIY cleaners, but several years ago I minimized my cleaning closet with Branch Basics concentrate. I can make cleaning sprays, laundry detergent, and even hand soap. They’re totally non-toxic and meet my high standards, but versatile and effective enough to use for any cleaning job.

This week they’re also launching their brand new hand soap!

Get the Deal: Get 20% off of their entire site (excluding gift cards). For subscriptions get 20% off your first order and 10% off all ongoing orders. The sale starts at 11:59 PM EST on 11/23 and ends at 11:59 PM EST on 11/27.


Kion Bar

Kion Natural Supplements are my go-to after a tough workout or to keep my immune system in check. I use their Berry Aminos as well as Kion Flex for joint health and better recovery.

They also have an amazing real-food bar (my kids love it!) that makes a delicious snack. My kids love the Kion Bar for the taste, and I love that it’s all-natural, made from real food ingredients, and provides stable, long-lasting energy

On November 27th you can save 20% off one-time orders and subscriptions.

  • Subscriptions retain 20% off pricing for the lifetime of the subscription
  • Free shipping with orders over $100
  • Free gifts with orders over $150
  • Free Sleep Powder for orders over $150
  • Free Bars with orders over $200
  • Free Immune with orders over $250
  • Free Aminos Packets with orders over $300
  • Gifts stack (IE orders over $250 get free Immune, Sleep Powder, and Bars)

Get the DealSave at Kion here.

Kasandrinos Olive Oil

Kasandrinos Olive Oil

My favorite olive oil at a discount! Kasandrinos is my favorite brand. They source their certified organic olive oil from single family farms and third-party test each batch. This family/veteran/woman-owned company is the freshest oil I’ve ever tried. And they only sell the current harvest.

Their olive oil is First Cold Pressed. This means that they crush and press the olives once. Any more than that is considered lower quality and doesn’t qualify as extra virgin. Keeping the olives cooler ensures maximum quality extra virgin olive oil.

Extra virgin olive oil has more nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins than any other classification of oil.

Get the Deal: Save 30% off sitewide with code cb30.

Natural Stacks

Natural Stacks Review

This supplement company focuses on better brain health with their nootropics (brain fuel). They offer supplement “stacks” for things like better mood and mental performance.

They offer several products, but my favorite is their Neurofuel. Despite a few short nights of sleep, after taking Neurofuel, I felt focused, clear-headed, and ready to be productive. It was an amazing way to start the day!

Get the DealBuy 2 products get 2 free.

Still Making Your List?

Need more ideas for holiday gift giving? Check out my natural gift-giving guide here or my favorite stocking stuffers to give and get!

What are the best deals you scored online this Cyber Monday? Share below!



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