Christmas Gifts for Kids (With Stocking Stuffer Ideas) |

Christmas Gifts for Kids (With Stocking Stuffer Ideas)

At Christmas time our family focuses on the joy of Christmas and acts of service. But that doesn’t mean we don’t also give holiday gifts! These gift ideas for kids are perfect for Christmas, birthdays, or any other time you need a special kid’s gift.

If you’re looking for an age-appropriate gift to add to the wish list this holiday season, then look no further.

Gift Guide for Kids of All Ages

It can be hard to find unique gifts for little ones that also meet my standards. I don’t want to spend money on something that’s going to fall apart right away. And I prefer using more natural and eco-friendly materials as much as possible.

Over the years I’ve curated a list of great gifts that my kids love. From 2-year-olds to 10-year-olds, to teens, you’re sure to find something your kids will like on this list. The best toys aren’t always the trending ones, but the ones that encourage creativity, imagination, and fun.

You’ll also notice a lot of gifts that encourage movement (great for kids who like to fidget!). According to my 6-year-old, we’ve created an “epic” backyard. You’ll see some of the items we have (like a slackline) on the lists below.

I’ve divided the kid’s toys and gifts by age, but those are just general guidelines. Maybe your tween hasn’t gotten in the kitchen yet and wants to learn how to cook real food. Or maybe your genius 5-year-old is ready for a Rubik’s Cube. And don’t forget the stocking stuffers!

Gifts for Teens, Tweens, & Older Kids

  1. Buddha Board – A relaxing way to paint with just water (it evaporates and you can paint again).
  2. Archery Set – My kids have loved these GBG archery sets and these sets are created for kids by kids. They have some helpful videos on their website as well!
  3. Leather Journal – A beautiful leather journal for sketching or journaling.
  4. Japanese Puzzle Box – These beautiful puzzle boxes are a unique way for older kids to keep valuable items safe and they’re fun to learn.
  5. Rubik’s Cube – The 1980s called, but we told it we’re keeping the Rubik’s Cube. Older kids love learning to solve this retro puzzle.
  6. Star Wars Lego Set – These building toys are popular among big kids and teens with dozens to choose from.
  7. Build Your Own Programmable Robot Kit – This building kit was a favorite with my oldest. Build a robot and program it!
  8. Grown-Up Coloring Books – Coloring isn’t just for little kids anymore. These “adult coloring books” are very detailed and studies show that coloring is relaxing.
  9. Boogie Board – Reusable board that encourages doodling and drawing.
  10. Kindle – An affordable tablet with a lot of capabilities.
  11. Runaway Alarm Clock – Does your teen have trouble waking up? This alarm clock runs away and keeps making noise until caught!
  12. Natural Makeup Brushes – If your teen is old enough to wear makeup, these natural brushes are great!
  13. Power Cube Wall Adapter – Surge protector that charges multiple devices at once.
  14. Collapsible Duffel Bag – Great bag for short trips that collapses to a tiny size, unlike some bulky backpacks.
  15. Minnetonka Chrissy Boots (for teenage girls) – Super comfy boots she’ll be excited to see under the Christmas tree!
  16. Cash inside a Money Maze Puzzle Box – Give money so they can get what they like, but make it fun by hiding it inside this puzzle cube.
  17. No Crease Ponytail Holders – These are really popular right now. They’re gentle on hair and don’t leave a crease! Or I hear that Scrunchies and banana clips are back in style!
  18. Travel Hammock – Have an outdoorsy teen? These travel hammocks collapse small and are awesome. They’re also quite popular on some college campuses.
  19. Become a Beekeeper Course: This is an amazing Introduction to Beekeeping Course. This course will teach them everything from buying bees to harvesting honey.
  20. Backyard Bags (also called Cornhole) – This is always a fun game for the backyard. Whether you have guests over or it’s just the two of you, this has been a family favorite in our house.
  21. Slackline – Like a balance beam and trampoline in one. It encourages balance, gross motor skills, and coordination. Plus it’s hours of fun.
  22. Ninjaline – Like monkey bars but tougher. A lot of people use these for Ninja Warrior training, but our kids just think it is fun!
  23. Talkbox.Mom – Do your kids want to learn another language? This is a fun way to do that at home and is great for kids of all ages – even the littles!

Best Gifts for Kids Who Are Younger

  1. Gym 1 Indoor Doorway Gym – Our kids’ favorite Christmas gift of all time. It’s a gym that mounts in a door frame and they use it every day.
  2. Snap Circuits – A really neat kit that lets kids learn about electricity by building different types of basic machines like a fan, a radio, etc.
  3. Art Kit – A favorite among my girls. This art supplies kit contains markers, crayons, colored pencils, and more for arts & crafts.
  4. Flower Press Book Kit – Kids can create their own stationery, cards, and more with the flower/leaf press kit.
  5. Mini Trampoline for Indoor Play – We’ve had a trampoline in our house for years and it’s great for cold or rainy days. Rebounding (bouncing) is also great for adults!
  6. Wooden Twig Colored Pencils – Wooden colored pencils made from twigs. Good size for younger kids just learning to write and draw.
  7. Wooden People and Craft Supplies – Our kids loved making their own little wooden dolls with these.
  8. Plasma Car – My little kids loved this ride-on toy and they’re great for kids of all sizes.
  9. Grow and Make – They have kits ranging from gardening to making your own box of chocolates.
  10. Natural Paints – Made from natural earth pigments for all your arts and crafts projects.
  11. Microscope Kit – My oldest loved looking at hair, dirt, and all kinds of other things in this microscope. STEM toys (science, technology, engineering, and math) like this one are educational toys but can also be super fun.
  12. Bath Tub Crayons – These beeswax bath time crayons for toddlers are handmade in New Zealand with New Zealand beeswax and food-grade, non-toxic pigments. The jumbo crayons are perfect for toddlers, kids, and children from 2 years old and up.
  13. Or Beeswax Crayons – Triangular crayons made of natural beeswax. A healthier option to the popular Crayola crayons. Or try your hand at making your own!
  14. Doll House – This Melissa & Doug doll house is great for 4-year-old to 8-year-old kids. Fits smaller dolls.
  15. Little Passports – This subscription service tailors to your child’s age and the collection they would most be interested in. (For parents, you can filter by your budget!)
  16. Stainless Steel Play Kitchen Pots and Pans  – My daughters used to play kitchen with these for hours! Items that encourage pretend play are always encouraged! Get a food play set to go with it.
  17. Beginner Piano Keyboard (and free Hoffman Academy Lessons) – These are a great way to get the kids started with music.
  18. Boogie Board – A reusable writing tablet that encourages creativity.
  19. Sun Art – Fun educational craft idea that kids love.
  20. Kendama Game – Fun interactive game that encourages movement.
  21. Weighted Blanket – Not just for kids, but a soothing gift that helps kids get into a restful state and has demonstrated benefits for sleep.
  22. Sensory Swing – If you’re looking for a sensory swing to help your child relax and de-stress, this is the swing for them. The swings are made of high-quality but comfortable canvas that your child will want to spend hours in.
  23. Kids Cook Real Food e-Course – Give the gift of quality time and kitchen skills to boot! This course was life-changing for our family.
  24. Plant Therapy Aroma Plush Sets – These adorable gift sets include a plush toy animal along with their KidsSafe Woodland Retreat Oil. I’m a stickler on essential oil safety for kids, which is one reason I appreciate this line so much.
  25. Trampoline – Not just for kids when you consider the lymphatic benefits of jumping! This makes a great outdoor toy, but we also have a small one inside our house.
  26. Swing – Our kids loved this backyard swing
  27. Logic puzzles or games to develop problem-solving skills (Logic Links and Kanoodle are two of our favorites)
  28. Word games or board games (We like BoggleApples to Apples FreestyleStory CubesMadlibs Jr.)
  29. KiwiCo – From the toddler stage to preschool, to age 12, they offer fun and educational subscription boxes that can be a great addition to any homeschool curriculum or just for fun on the weekends.
  30. Eco-friendly Baby Gifts – There aren’t many things cuter than a baby in organic dino footie pajamas. Check out all of my favorite organic brands for the best baby (and kids) clothes. I also love this brand for natural baby toys.
  31. When I Grow Up I Want to Be.…. book. This book is designed for kids and children to answer five or six fun questions to record their interests, talents, strengths, and achievements, and can be a fun career journal. My kids have fun reading what they wrote in their journals years ago!
  32. Building Blocks – This wooden building set has colorful blocks that encourage building, stacking, and imagination.
  33. Scooter Board – Kids toys that help with movement are always a big hit around our house. This wooden scooter board is great for toddlers through elementary-age kids.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

  • Little Hero’s Journal for Kids – I’ve used these for years with my kids. I’ve also shared how I use journals to communicate with my daughters as they tend to open up more through writing. Use code wellnessmama for a discount.
  • Beef jerky or beef sticks (we love this brand)
  • Hot chocolate (I put homemade mix in a small jelly or mason jar with their name on it). A pre-made option is this amazing Cacao Bliss mix.
  • Mighty Gum – A healthier way to do gum!
  • Lotion Bars – These Beesilk lotion bars are amazing for the wintertime and a fun stocking stuffer. Use code wellnessmama for a discount!
  • Lip Balm with natural essential oils
  • Bubble bath (or you can mix up your own DIY bubble bath in minutes with a few simple ingredients!)
  • New Toothbrush, Toothpaste, or Floss
  • Vitamins that taste great without added sugar or any of the junk
  • Natural deodorant (great for teens!)
  • A coupon to stay up an hour late
  • Movie night with favorite dessert coupon
  • A coupon to pick the meals for a day
  • Mini photo book with family memories and inspirational quotes
  • Movie tickets or gift certificates
  • Fun Scrunchies
  • Fun plates or cups from Ahimsa. They’re plastic-free and my kids love them!
  • A card game or dice game of any kind – Zobmondo is a hit with the older kids in my house.
  • Kinetic sand
  • Crochet kit for kids
  • Cash or gift card inside a Money Maze gift box

What gifts have your kids enjoyed? Are there any you would add to this list? Leave a comment and let me know!



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