Christmas Gifts for Men That He’ll Love (with Stocking Stuffer Ideas) |

Christmas Gifts for Men That He’ll Love (with Stocking Stuffer Ideas)

Between friends, family, and employees, I’ve come up with a lot of gift ideas over the years. Christmas gifts for men are some of the trickiest to come up with, but I’ve managed to find plenty of great ones that meet my standards. The following thoughtful gifts are ones he’ll actually use and enjoy!

Best Christmas Gifts For Men

This gift guide includes some of the best gifts for the men in your life. Most of them would also work for Father’s Day or a birthday gift too. I love creating DIY gifts, but sometimes it’s nice to buy them. Some things, like an EMF protective phone case or a portable water filter, are harder to make yourself.

Whether you’re buying for your husband, boyfriend, dad, brother, or that one cousin on your mom’s side, I’m sure you’ll find something on this list to pique their interest. All without having to resort to a gift card (although they do make great stocking stuffers).

I also like giving gifts that are high quality and will last. This helps keep items out of the landfill and reduces waste. And they need to be as eco-friendly and natural as possible! The following Christmas gifts for men meet my standards, and are useful, but still fun to have around.

29+ Gifts For Men (That He’ll Actually Use!)

  1. Leather Toiletry Bag – This is a great gift for the guy that loves to travel and can use a fancy way to organize his toiletries.
  2. Comfy Slippers – My brother loves these slippers he got a couple of years ago.
  3. Star Registration – If you are looking for that unique, sentimental gift, this is the one for you! You can name a visible star and you’ll receive a certificate with the name and location.
  4. Heat Proof BBQ Gloves – For the man who likes to grill, these gloves will protect his hands.
  5. Smart Wool Socks – Warm but not sweaty and they keep feet dry. Great for hiking or everyday use.
  6. Wine Aerator – Pour wine through this to improve flavor. Great for the foodie in your life.
  7. 30-day Lantern for Camping – A really long-lasting lantern for the outdoorsman who loves to camp.
  8. Rumpl Outdoor Blanket – Speaking of camping, my family has Rumpl blankets for our outdoor events. They’re waterproof, washable, and warm on these fall and winter nights! Can be used indoors, too! They’re made from 100% recycled materials and recycle over 5 million discarded plastic bottles every year.
  9. A new razor – Alitura is one of our favorite brands for skincare and their high-quality razor shaves perfectly and is great for sensitive skin.
  10. Saddleback Leather Wallet – This wallet has a 100-year warranty!! (yes, really!)
  11. Beard Oil– Great option for the bearded man in your life. The organic oils and essential oils make this feel like a luxury gift! I also like that it’s on Etsy and supports small businesses.
  12. YETI Rambler – This heavy-duty stainless steel and vacuum sealed large mug keeps things cold or warm for hours.
  13. Hydro Flask Insulated Water Bottle – An insulated water bottle that keeps water cold for days.
  14. Defender Phone Case or Laptop Shield – Protect him from EMFs when using electronics. The Heat Shield is perfect for those who frequently use their laptops on their lap and need a layer of protection.
  15. Magnetic Wrist Band – Holds nails and screws for the handyman!
  16. Fire Starter Kit – Useful tool from our favorite outdoor brand to start fires. This all-in-one tool does it without matches or a lighter.
  17. Tactical Pen – More than just a pen, it works in all conditions and can break a car window if a person is trapped.
  18. ENO Hammock – Portable hammock that fits in a small bag and is great for travel and camping.
  19. Tactical Backpack – For the outdoorsman, this bag is a practical gift to hold everything he could need from gadgets to a toolset, to a hoodie.
  20. NFL Sports Coasters – These stainless steel coasters are a great gift for that sports guy that has everything. They also make the perfect addition to a man cave.
  21. Myobuddy – A percussive heated massager that targets muscle and fascia. A lot of people use this for cellulite, I just use it for relaxation and fascia massage. It has a wider massage platform than some other popular options, like Theragun. Use code wellnessmama for a discount.
  22. Solo Stove Tabletop Fire Pit – Crisp evenings are always better with a fire pit and this one is great for smaller areas or if you just don’t want to deal with the bigger ones.
  23. Oura Ring – This is the fashionable ring that does it all: tracks your sleep, HRV, and tells you how ready you are to start the day. Does your guy like to know all his stats and wants to track his health metrics? This tech gift is perfect for that!
  24. Photo Book – Gather all of your favorite moments together and add them into a special book for him.
  25. ButcherBox – Is your man the grill master? Give the gift of 100% grass-fed beef, free-range organic chicken, pork raised crate-free, and wild-caught seafood. We have a monthly subscription and enjoy their filets and ground beef.
  26. Kasadrinos Olive Oil – I use olive oil a lot between cooking, using on salads, and anywhere in between. Kasadrinos is the only olive oil that I trust and anyone with a love of cooking (and eating!) will taste the difference.
  27. Wine Subscription – If your guy is a wine drinker, he’ll love this wine subscription box of organic biodynamic wines.
  28. T-Shirt Quilt – This easy, DIY unique gift is the perfect gift for a guy who has a lot of sentimental old T-shirts lying around. It took me about 8 hours to make this personalized gift from start to finish.
  29. Whiskey Glasses – A gift set that includes whiskey glasses, a wooden storage and gift box, granite cubes to chill, and cocktail cards. The perfect holiday gift for the guy who likes his whiskey on the rocks.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Men

  • Trailside Utensil – For those who love to spend time outdoors and camp, this lightweight spoon and fork combo is ideal for any campfire meal. The multitool also has a bottle opener on it.
  • Spices for Meat (and anything else!)– Many of you know Laila Ali (daughter of the great Muhammad Ali) has handcrafted an amazing line of spice blends. The GOAT seasoning was inspired by the way the legendary boxer preferred his favorite cheeseburger and is a favorite in our kitchen. Have you listened to our podcast interview?
  • Four Sigmatic Coffee – Between the individual coffee packets or the 24 oz. bag, your guy will be ready to go for the day. My favorite? The coffee with Lion’s Mane and Chaga.
  • Paleovalley Beef Sticks – Almost every man loves a good beef stick! And you can be confident that they’re eating the healthiest version of them.
  • Lifestraw or Sawyer Water Filter – Survival water filter that fits in your pocket.
  • LMNT Electrolyte Packets – Replacing our electrolytes when we workout, use the sauna, or when we fast is super important. LMNT offers multiple flavors (watermelon and raspberry are at the top of my list) and only sources clean and pure ingredients. None of the junk in most electrolyte drinks!
  • Ice Shaker Bottles – Co-founded by NFL player Rob Gronkowski, these bottles are some of my most used when I’m on the go.
  • Books – Some that I highly recommend are Atomic HabitsGreenlights201 Relationship Questions: The Couple’s Guide to Building Trust and Emotional Intimacy, and The Power of Now.

What have been some of your favorite Christmas gifts for men? Anything you would add to this list? Leave a comment and let me know!



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